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A record of contemporary history of Pakistan

                                                            - 4615 pages

In TWELVE Volumes:

FOUR Volumes of 'Judges & Generals in Pakistan' &

SEVEN Volumes of  'The Living History of Pakistan' &

ONE Book 'The History of a Disgraceful Surrender [2021]'


Published by:                                                                 

Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd [GHP] 

Link House, 140 The Broadway, Tolworth SURREY UK KT6 7HT

AVAILABLE in printed & e-versions at AMAZON the world over

FREE to download from OR google books


The Living History of Pakistan Vol-I

The Federal Shariat Court [FSC], meant to mainly deal with cases under Hadood Laws, could not get even a single MALE finally convicted in Zina or allied cases since its inception in 1980 - fourteen poor ladies involved have, however, been 'sang-sarred'.

See the statistics of Zina [rape] cases since the last 35 years - disgusting for the whole Pakistani nation. The FSC could not get its own Hadood Laws refined or developed or transformed to get conviction for the wrong-doers; BUT 

shamefully recommended amendments in Pakistan Army Act TWICE - what a mockery.

Due to 165 years old Police Act; AND Evidence Act, CrPC & Minor Acts nearly of the same age, Pakistan's judiciary is being ranked at no: 192 out of 197 countries - let this Parliament also sleep like the earlier ones.

However, Pak-Army, due to its progressive war technology, is rated as the sixth largest and most professional in the same 197 countries of the world.


ISBN 978-1-78623-705-7

£9.99 / $12.99

The Living History of Pakistan Vol-I



    Underlined SCENARIOS are linked with pdf files.

   Numbers in brackets are referred to page numbers

   in the respective book

                  C O N T E N T S


AN URGE – AN APPEAL                                                 (1461)


Scenario 91

TWO DEADLY INTERVIEWS                                             (1467)

  • One Page for The Conspiracy Killers

  • Ilyas Kashmiri Wanted – Dead or Alive

  • Ilyas Kasmiri Declared Dead

  • Munizae’s Dreadful Interview

  • Vinod Sharma on ISI


Scenario 92 

SALEEM SH’D KILLED BY ISI [NO]?                                       (1482)

  • Saleem Shahzad’s Two Interviews

  • Saleem Shahzad Killed

  • Judicial Commission on SS’s Murder

  • Insecure Media in Pakistan


Scenario 93

US SENATE REPORT ON Mr. ZARDARI                                   (1499)

  • Benazir Died For Democracy?

  • ARY Gold License Deal [1994]

  • Surrey Palace From A Sugar Mills

  • Swiss Legal Proceedings

  • Benazir Bhutto Denied Allegations

  • Surrey Palace Fiasco

  • Bilawal Zardari House Lahore


Scenario 94

ISAF CONTAINERS SCAM                                          (1520)

  • Pak-US Signed New MOU


Scenario 95 

SC REF – BHUTTO’s JUD KILLING                               (1534)            

  • Background of 2011’s Reference

  • SC Starts Hearing

  • Media Move Against Babar Awan

  • Proceedings At SC Went On

  • Judiciary Itself On Trial

  • Bhutto’s Ref – An Analysis

  • Side – Benefits Of 2011’s Ref

  • PPP Side–Lined Babar Awan


Scenario 96 

PAKISTAN: MEMO-GATE SCANDAL-I                             (1554)            

  • Contents of memo

  • Civil vs Military Strides

  • Hussain Haqqani Called Home

  • Supreme Court Moved

  • ‘State Within State’ – PM Gilani


Scenario 97 

PAKISTAN: MEMO-GATE SCANDAL-II                       (1569)

  • Judicial Commission Formed

  • Mansoor Ejaz Spills the Beans

  • Mansoor Ejaz Termed Lier

  • Memo-gate in Foreign Media

  • Commission Concludes its Findings

  • SC Proceedings & Memo-Gate Ends


Scenario 98

PM GILANI SENT HOME-I                                          (1588)  

  • Army vs PPP Once More

  • A PM Appears in Court

  • PM Found Guilty Of Contempt


Scenario 99

PM GILANI SENT HOME-II                                           (1601)

  • Khat to Likhna Paray ga

  • Speaker NA Keeps PM Intact

  • PPP Degraded Babar Awan

  • Speaker’s Decision Challenged

  • PM Gilani Finally Sent Home

  • President Zardari Hits Back

  • Former PM Gilani – Necklace Issue


Scenario 100

DR ARSALAN IFTIKHAR CASE-I                                      (1619)

  • ‘Aapis ki Baat’ by Najam Sethi

  • Malik Riaz’s Hot Press Conference

  • Apex Court’s Verdict


Scenario 101

DR ARSALAN IFTIKHAR CASE-II                                    (1635)

  • Pindora Box Opens

  • SC’s One Man Suddle Commission

  • How The Foreign Press Viewed It

  • Anchors of ‘Dunya TV’’ Alleged

  • SC’s Commission on Media


Scenario 102

A M ASGHAR KHAN CASE JUDGMENT                                    (1651)

  • AM Asghar Khan vs ZA Bhutto

  • SC’s Judgment In Asghar Khan Case

  • Brig Saeed’s Personal Diary

  • Gen Aslam Beg Got Upset

  • Gen Ehtesham Zamir Speaks Loud

  • Keep Record Straight – Gen Hamid Gul

  • Dr Qadeer Khan’s Opinion

  • The Practice Continued[?]

  • FIA’s Investigation Starts

  • Another Threat of Pandora Box


Scenario 103

2 MNAs + FED MINISTER IN DRUG COURT                                (1677)

  • MNA Musa Gilani Scandel

  • Son’s Cor’n Case in Dad’s Cabinet

  • MNA Hanif Abbasi – Brutus Too


Scenario 104

JUDGES & JUDICIARY IN FOCUS                                            (1691)

  • SC on Business Affairs

  • Suo Moto for Murder in Sialkot

  • SC vs [Mostly] the PMs

  • Independence Under CJP Chaudhry

  • Islamabad HC’s Activism

  • Aitzaz Exposes CJP Chaudhry

  • Pakistan’s Judicial Pandora Box


Scenario 105           

PAKISTAN’s DEMOCRACY HURRAY                                           (1707)

  • PPP’s Gimmicks on BB’s Murder

  • Hidden Historical Facts

  • SC on Rehman Malik’s Dual Nationality

  • State Level Cheats in Swaiss Cases

  • PPP’s High Blown Democracy

  • PPP Minister’s White Lie


Scenario 106

DIVIDING PUNJAB                                                           (1723)

  • Vicious Drama Starts

  • Saraiki Sooba Voice

  • Saraiki Province or Bahawalpur

  • Bahawalpur South Punjab

  • Mutiny Grows in Punjab


Scenario 107         

JUDICIAL AUTOCRACY IN PAKISTAN                                         (1741)            

  • Character of Judges

  • Pakistan’s Judiciary in 2012

  • Babar Awan’s Licence Suspended

  • Brig Ali Khan’s Appeal Rejected

  • SC On Waheeda Shah


Scenario 108

JUDICIARY vs PAK-ARMY [2012]                                         (1758)

  • Fairy Tale of IHC Judges

  • Contempt Notice to MQM’s Altaf Bhai

  • Army Act 1952 Prevailed

  • Gen Kayani Speaks Out


Scenario 109

CJP CHAUDHRY’s JUDICIARY                                             (1782)

  • A Salute to CJP Chaudhry

  • SC Attacked Again – by Lawyers

  • Ind Judiciary – Conflicting View

  • Mixed Feelings Went On

  • Justice Khosa’s Daring Precedent


Scenario 110         

POLITICAL ATTACKS ON PAK-ARMY                                  (1800)

  • Attacks From A A Zardari

  • Gen Pasha Of ISI Retired

  • Siachen Tragedy [2012]

  • Royal Palm Club Lahore Case

  • Fresh Efforts to Tame ISI


Scenario 111

BREAKING PAKISTAN PLAN                                              (1818)

  • US’s Breaking Pakistan Plan

  • Why US Wanted Pakistan’s Break

  • Pak-Army Delegation Humiliated

  • Gen Musharraf Was Loud Enough


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