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A record of contemporary history of Pakistan

                                                            - 4615 pages

In TWELVE Volumes:

FOUR Volumes of 'Judges & Generals in Pakistan' &

SEVEN Volumes of  'The Living History of Pakistan'

ONE Book 'The History of a Disgraceful Surrender [2021]'


Published by:                                                                 

Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd [GHP] 

Link House, 140 The Broadway, Tolworth SURREY UK KT6 7HT

AVAILABLE in printed & e-versions at AMAZON the world over

FREE to download from OR google books

The Living History of Pakistan Vol-III


The FOUR volumes of ‘Judges & Generals in Pakistan’ are not the stories or facts about only the honourable judges or respectable military Generals of Pakistan but also an authentic record of contemporary history.


'The Living History of Pakistan' Vol-I & Vol-II are continuation of the same series with only a change in name of the same product. It is just for the change of taste otherwise the SCENARIOS and the PAGE NUMBERS are in the same continuity.


The Living History of Pakistan' Vol-III & Vol-IV are exclusively written for KARACHI, a mega city of about 25 million now, has been burning since two decades in spreading blaze of target killings, extortion, organised robberies, kidnapping for ransom, sectarian blasts and massive corruption by ruling political regimes. Later, the city became Taliban’s refuge and a battleground for neighbouring Muslim countries.


Since 25 years, nothing has been written about Karachi’s affairs because of dreadful apprehensions, horror and fears of being eliminated.  Now the facts are being laid open in front of you.


First time perhaps, the two volumes [c 815 pages] of Karachi’s complete diary have been compiled to keep the history intact.


The Living History of Pakistan Vol-III

“I have scanned through the book on the Judges and Generals; Interesting. Why abrupt end at Gen Zia and Gen Mush comparison? No black-coat revolution? I have read 333 pages? Will the book be available in Pakistan?”


INTERPOL Executive Committee Delegate

UNODC Advisor on Rule of Law & Criminal Justice

28th January 2012



“Thank you for sharing [Mr Sehri]. You wrote excellent books on these topics with well researched and authentic references.”


tweeted on 10th December 2015



“That’s really superb; and your books are a real treasure. They are invaluable in their content... may Allah reward you Sir. I am indeed privileged to be linked with you [Mr Sehri].


I have downloaded all the five volumes of your scholarly work. You have written the real history of Pakistan. Your work would guide me a great deal in completing my PhD thesis.”


Dean Faculty of Strategic Studies

Quaid e Azam University Islamabad

11th December 2015


ISBN 978-1-78623-825-2

£14.99 / $19.99

The Living History of Pakistan Vol-III


Underlined SCENARIOS are linked with pdf files.

   Numbers in brackets are referred to page numbers

   in the respective book

                  C O N T E N T S



Scenario 131

KARACH CITY’s DYNAMICS                                              2241

  • Demographics & Population

  • Economy of Karachi City

  • MQM Appears at City’s Horizon

  • Politics & Exile of Altaf Bhai

  • Moving to Karachi - Think


Scenario 132  

MQM’s ORIGIN – YOUTH - MATURITY                               2256

  • Karachi Uni’s APMSO [1978]

  • Karachi Operation [1992]

  • Gen Babar’s Operation [1995-96]

  • Govt’s Bogus Policies For Karachi

  • Vendetta Killings Of Police Officials

  • Violence on All Counts


Scenario 133

WHO [ELSE] RULED KARACHI                                       2281

  • Defacto CM Sindh Mr Tappi

  • Nabil Gabol MNA

  • MQM’s Dr Farooq Sattar

  • Abdul Sattar Edhi – A Legend

  • Edhi’s 10 Famous Quotes

  • Foreign Media Obituaries     


Scenario 134         

GANGS CULTURE & NO-GO AREAS                              2307            

  • The Gangs of Karachi

  • Dismal Law & Order in Karachi

  • No-Go Areas in Karachi

  • More Lawyers Killed


Scenario 135

Dr MIRZA GOES HOSTILE                                            2334

  • PPP’s Dr Mirza Against MQM

  • MQM’s Rebuttal for Dr Mirza

  • Dr’s Charge Sheet Against PPP

  • All Politicians Criticized PPP

  • Dr Mirza’s New Allegations

  • PPP’s Minister No Good


Scenario 136

KARACHI: GANG-CRIME SPECIALITY                           2358

  • ‘Bhatta’ & ‘Bori-band’ Terms

  • Sindh Govt’s Shocking Report [2011]

  • Fighting Factions in Karachi

  • PPP & MQM & Gangsters


Scenario 137

DR IMRAN FAROOQ’s KILLING 2010-16                         2378

  • Background Scripts

  • Jinnahpur Plan [?]

  • Opinions After The Murder

  • Investigation Leads Appeared

  • Investigations Still On

  • An Interesting Letter from MK


Scenario 138         

KARACHI CONTINUED BURNING                                  2399

  • The City - Burning as Usual

  • Should Army be Called – NO

  • MQM & PPP: the Gulf Widened

  • Light From UK’s Democracy

  • Inept Apex Judiciary’s Role

  • Yo-Yo Alliance: MQM+PPP Again


Scenario 139

SC’s SUO MOTO NOTICE AT LAST                                 2422

  • SC’s Hearing Starts

  • SC’s Judgment on Karachi Affairs

  • Implementation of SC’s Verdict

  • PPP’s Open Nepotism – Deputations

  • Further to Dr Mirza’s Charges


Scenario 140

LYARI GANG WARS – I                                              2443

  • Karachi: History of Bloodshed

  • Lyari: Who Owned Its Gangs

  • Rehman Dakait Police ‘Encountered’

  • Peoples’ Amn [Peace] Committee


Scenario 141

LYARI GANG WARS – II                                           2463

  • Police Defeated & Retreated

  • PAC vs Lyari’s Development

  • Arshad Pappu Killed

  • Kutchhi Community Clashes


Scenario 142

SC ON OTHER KARACHI ISSUES                               2480

  • SC on Karachi’s Voter List

  • Karachi Constituencies’ Case


Scenario 143

TRANSPORT MAFIA IN KARACHI                               2497

  • Government’s Zero Planning

  • Bushra Zaidi Case [1985]

  • Mafia’s Behaviour with LEAs

  • Karachi Circular Railway [KCR]

  • Qingqi Transport in City


Scenario 144

TALIBANIZATION OF KARACHI                                    2521

  • Taliban Saddled in The City

  • Taliban’s Grip During 2011-13

  • Parveen Rahman Killed

  • Taliban – Terror For Rent


Scenario 145

SECTARIAN UNREST IN KARACHI                               2538

  • Decade Old History

  • ASWJ’s Maulana Farooqi Attacked

  • 2013 – the deadliest Year


Scenario 146

KARACHI AFFAIRS IN YEAR 2012                              2549

  • Blood is Cheaper in Karachi

  • Foreign Press on City’s Crime

  • Karachi’s Law & Order - Hell


Scenario 147         

BALDIA TOWN INFERNO [2012]                               2566

  • The Hard Facts

  • JIT’s Interim Report 2015

  • JIT’s Final Report 2016


Scenario 148

KARACHI AFFAIRS IN YEAR 2013                               2585

  • Abbas Town Karachi Episode

  • Zahra Shahid of PTI Murdered

  • MQM’s Move to Get ISI Banned

  • On De-Weaponizing Karachi


Scenario 149

KARACHI OPERATION [2013]                                 2609

  • MQM Urged to Call Army In

  • Rangers’ Operation Approved

    • Zafar Baloch of Lyari Killed

  • Operation Moved on Ground

  • SC Hard on Arms Smuggling

  • Crime Statistics For Year 2013

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