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A record of contemporary history of Pakistan

                                                            - 4615 pages

In TWELVE Volumes:

FOUR Volumes of 'Judges & Generals in Pakistan' &

SEVEN Volumes of  'The Living History of Pakistan'

ONE Book 'The History of a Disgraceful Surrender [2021]'


Published by:                                                                 

Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd [GHP] 

Link House, 140 The Broadway, Tolworth SURREY UK KT6 7HT

AVAILABLE in printed & e-versions at AMAZON the world over

FREE to download from OR google books

The Living History of Pakistan Vol-IV



The FOUR volumes of ‘Judges & Generals in Pakistan’ are not the stories or facts about only the honourable judges or respectable military Generals of Pakistan but also an authentic record of contemporary history.


'The Living History of Pakistan' Vol-I & Vol-II are continuation of the same series with only a change in name of the same product. It is just for the change of taste otherwise the SCENARIOS and the PAGE NUMBERS are in the same continuity.


The Living History of Pakistan' Vol-III & Vol-IV are exclusively written for KARACHI, a mega city of about 25 million now, has been burning since two decades in spreading blaze of target killings, extortion, organised robberies, kidnapping for ransom, sectarian blasts and massive corruption by ruling political regimes. Later, the city became Taliban’s refuge and a battleground for neighbouring Muslim countries.


Since 25 years, nothing has been written about Karachi’s affairs because of dreadful apprehensions, horror and fears of being eliminated.  Now the facts are being laid open in front of you.


First time perhaps, the two volumes [c 815 pages] of Karachi’s complete diary have been compiled to keep the history intact.



The Living History of Pakistan Vol-IV

“Writing has been Mr Sehri’s passion since his early life. Before migration to UK, his SEVEN books in URDU, covering various social aspects of human life, had been hitting the market. Some of his books are included as text books in Sociology.


His book Judges & Generals in Pakistan”, in FOUR Volumes, is not only a factual document about the judges and military Generals of Pakistan but also an authentic record of contemporary history.


Further more; his The Living History of Pakistan in various volumes, deals with Pakistan’s chequered history of massive financial & moral corruption by two major political parties in succession. This compilation also highlights the background of Constitutional Amendments which were made by the political parties to safeguard their vested interests and to protect their family-party businesses; a new form   of

monarchy [MOROOSIAT] in Pakistan.”


Sarwar Munir Rao

Columnist, Writer, Author & Media Expert Former Channel Head of

Pakistan Television [PTV] News; Founder Director of

News & Current Affairs Div ‘Dunya News’ TV.


ISBN: 978-1-78623-827-6

                        £14.99 / $19.99

The Living History of Pakistan Vol-IV


Underlined SCENARIOS are linked with pdf files.

Numbers in brackets are referred to page numbers

in the respective book

                  C O N T E N T S





Scenario 150

OPERATION [2013] CONTINUED….                                  2650

  • Waja Karim Daad Killed

  • Baba Ladla Fled & Killed

  • Uzair Baloch on The Run


Scenario 151

KILLING SPREE ENTERS 2014 ….                                   2665

  • TTP Expanded Terror Attacks

  • Taliban Hit Police College

  • Anatomy of KCY Operation [2013]

  • Statistics of KCY Operation [2013]

  • Rangers Controlled Taliban [?]


Scenario 152

KARACHI AFFAIRS IN YEAR 2014                                    2684

  • SP Ch Aslam Killed in Karachi

  • Taliban Gained Strength in City

  • Karachi Int’l Airport Attacked

  • Prof Dr Shakil Auj Killed

  • SSP Karachi Farooq Awan Attacked

  • Killings’ Data For Year 2014


Scenario 153

MQM - FUNDING FROM INDIA                                    2703

  • Hostile Tariq Mir Spills Beans

  • BBC-2 Documentary on MQM

  • Uproar in Karachi After BBC-2

  • MQM & India Both Denied

  • UK Dropped Charges against MQM


Scenario 154

MEDIA KILLINGs ALL OVER [2013-16]                              2723

  • CPJ’s Report for 2012-13

  • Attacks on Media in 2014

  • 85 Media Men Killed in Pakistan

  • GEO’s Hamid Mir Attacked

  • Impunity Against Journalists

  • ‘Reporters Without Borders’


Scenario 155         

WATER MAFIA IN KARACHI                                           2746

  • Tanker Mafias of The City

  • Even Foreign Press Roared

  • Supreme Court Moved For Water

  • Water Crisis Worsened


Scenario 156

KARACHI AFFAIRS IN YEAR 2015-I                                  2764

  • MQM & ANP Called Army

  • J Rana Bhagwandas Expired

  • MQM HQ – Nine Zero Raided

  • MQM Won Gabol’s Seat Back

  • Rangers’ Another Raid on 90

  • Saulat Mirza Hanged to Death


Scenario 157

SECTARIAN KILLINGS CONTINUED…..                             2788

  • Two Scholars Shot Dead

  • Safoora Goth Massacre

  • Aftermath of Safoora Episode

  • Crackdown Urged Once More

  • Jundallah in Karachi


Scenario 158

KARACHI AFFAIRS IN YEAR 2015-II                                 2813

  • Uzair Baloch in Hot Waters

  • MQM’s Resignations [Again]

  • MQM’s Rashid Godil Attacked


Scenario 159

PPP’s DR ASIM AFFAIRS [2015-16]                                 2830

  • PPP’s Dr Asim Hussain Arrested

  • Charges Admitted by Dr Asim

  • Full Details of JIT Report


Scenario 160

KARACHI AFFAIRS IN YEAR 2015-III                               2848

  • MQM Chief Banned on Media

  • MPA Javed Nagori Attacked

  • Faisal Sabzwari Disappeared

  • Murders Dropped in Karachi [2015]

  • NAP Implementation

  • Sindh PPP vs Rangers & Army


Scenario 161

ON OTHER ISSUES OF KARACHI                                     2875

  • MQM Wins Local Bodies Polls

  • Sharjeel Memon Fired

  • The Public Opinion in Press

  • PPP Blocked Rangers’ Operation


Scenario 162

DRUGS AND WEAPONS IN KARACHI                               2896

  • Taliban in Drug Trade

  • Drug Business in Karachi

  • The Dubious Weaponry Trade

  • NATO Weapons Dump Karachi


Scenario 163

TERROR – FINANCING IN KARACHI                                 2918

  • Taliban’s Flurry in 2014 & After

  • Terror Accounts Frozen

  • China Cutting Nexus

  • Land Offices Raided in Karachi


Scenario 164

KARACHI IN YEAR 2016 – I                                            2939 

  • Killings Continued in 2016

  • SC on Bahria Town Karachi

  • SC on Bill Boards Issue

  • CJ SHC’s Son Kidnapped

  • Amjad Sabri Killed


Scenario 165

PAK SARZAMEEN PARTY LAUNCHED                               2959

  • Kamal’s Open Letter Verbatim

  • PSP Formally Launched

  • PSP’s First Public Rally

  • Mustafa Kamal vs Governor Ebad

  • Governor Ish Ebad Sent Home


Scenario 166

MQM’s CHIEF DITCHED PAKISTAN                                   2981 

  • Altaf Doomed His Own State

  • Cause of Altaf Bhai’s Boil

  • MQM’s Apparent U-TURN

  • ARY TV & SAMAA TV Attacked

  • MQM: The Breach Within

  • Why Only MQM Pointed At


Scenario 167

MQM [PAKISTAN] LAUNCHED                                         3012

  • MQM [Altaf] vs MQM [Sattar]

  • Dr Farooq Sattar Comes Open

  • Karachiites Turned About

    • Broken Window Theory

    • MQM Lost Karachi’s By-Election

    • MQM Leaders Charged

    • SHC Banned Liquor Shops

 …..  3030

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