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A record of contemporary history of Pakistan

                                                            - 4615 pages

In TWELVE Volumes:

FOUR Volumes of 'Judges & Generals in Pakistan' &

SEVEN Volumes of  'The Living History of Pakistan' &

ONE Book 'The History of a Disgraceful Surrender [2021]'


Published by:                                                                 

Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd [GHP] 

Link House, 140 The Broadway, Tolworth SURREY UK KT6 7HT

AVAILABLE in printed & e-versions at AMAZON the world over

FREE to download from OR google books

Judges & Generals in Pakistan Vol-I


Since long killers in Pakistan know that the courts and laws are favouring them, and lawyers are there to save them through EVIDENCE gimmicks - the appeals - then mercy petitions - till then they would otherwise be out through jail breaks.

Books can be written and months can be consumed on this debate but the only solution left that we have to go 180 angle to the famous maxim [that 'don't punish an innocent - 1000s actuals can be freed under benefits of doubt']. But think; TV & CCTV footage and camera eyes do not leave any doubt.


Be radical - change the laws and procedures please; much will be OK. 



Judges & Generals in Pakistan Vol-I


   Underlined SCENARIOS are linked with pdf files.

  Numbers in brackets are referred to page numbers                            

  in the respective book


                            C O N T E N T S


          My apologies          


Scenario 1 

Humble Submissions                                            (1)

Scenario 2 

Pakistan: Judiciary in 1954-73                                (8)

                  Draconian ‘Doctrine of Necessity’


Scenario 3      

Nusrat Bhutto Case

                          Judiciary in 1977                                 (17)

Scenario 4    

Bhutto Hanged By Biased Judges

                          Judiciary in 1978                                 (25)


Scenario 5    

 Judicial Murder of Z A Bhutto

                         Judiciary in 1979                                 (34)

Scenario 6 

Who Supported Gen Zia [1977-88]                            (50)


Pak-Judiciary in 1979-80                                           (60)

                     Militarized Islamic Laws       

                     Federal Shariat Court: What Use 


Scenario 8 

Army & Judiciary in 1981-83                                     (73)

                     PCO of 1981                                 

                     Baluchistan with Gen Ziaul Haq       

                     Office of Ombudsman (1983)

                     Flogging in Public


Scenario 9 

Army & Judiciary in 1984-85                                  (83)

                     Qanoon e Shahadat             

                     Gen Ziaul Haq’s Referendum (1984)

                     Militarized Elections of 1985            

                    8th Constitutional Amendment


Scenario 10 

Demolishing Civil Services                                   (94)

Scenario 11 

Ojhri Camp Episode (1988)                                    (99)

Scenario 12 

PM Junejo & Gen Zia Gone (1988)                       (107)                         

                       PM Junejo Sent Home (May 1988)

                      Gen Ziaul Haq Crashed (Aug 1988)

Scenario 13 

Army & Judiciary in 1989-90                                (119)

Scenario 14 

ISI Rigged Elections [?]                                        (127)

Scenario 15 

ISI Ruled Politics of 1990s                                   (139)

Scenario 16 

PM Nawaz Sharif Restored [1993]                     (147)

Scenario 17 

Politicizing Judges in Pakistan                          (155)


Scenario 18 

Is Hamam Mein Sub Nangay                            (165)


Scenario 19 

Pan-Islamism in Pak-Army-I                           (179)

                       Military Courts in 1997-99


Scenario 19 

Pan-Islamism in Pak-Army-I                                 (179)

                       Military Courts in 1997-99

Scenario 20 

Pakistan: Judiciary in 1997-I                                  (187)

                       13th Amendment Bill            

                       Ehtesab Bill Modified           

                       14th Amendment Bill            

                      Anti-Terrorist Courts (1997)

Scenario 21 

Pakistan: Judiciary in 1997-II                                (206) 

                      PM Called for Contempt of Court     

                      Supreme Court Attacked      

                      Sitting Chief Justice Ousted

Scenario 22 

Pakistan: Judiciary in 1997-III                              (219)

                      Shameful Judgments & Judiciary     

                      Shameful Trial of SC Attacks


Scenario 23 

Selection Of Pak-Army Chiefs                              (228)

                      Gen Musharraf Selected (1998)       

                      Gen Ziauddin Selected (1999)

Scenario 24 

Facts on Kargil Issue 1999                                      (239)

Scenario 25 

Pakistan: Military Coup of 1999                            (253)

Scenario 26 

Gen Mush's NAB Ordinance 1999                         (267)

Scenario 27 

Military Coup Upheld (2000)                                (283)

Scenario 28 

Military Gimmicks in 2000                                   (295)

                       Nawaz Sharif Convicted       

                       Nawaz Sharif Fled to Saudia 

                       Nawaz Sharif Deported Back

Scenario 29 

Gen Mush'F Trapped in 9/11                                 (307)

Scenario 30 

Gen Mush'f: Brutus of 2000-01                            (320)


Scenario 31 

Two Army Rulers at 180 Angle                      (328)

                  Gen Ziaul Haq vs Gen Musharraf



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